Solar channels reduce evaporation

Solar channels reduce evaporation

Solar ducts reduce evaporation

.generate electricity and are a smart way to use space

Fossil fuels have long been a major source of energy in India, but brilliant ideas like this have been proposed in recent years to innovate in renewable energy.

Solar energy produces clean energy but usually takes up a lot of space. By covering irrigation canals with solar panels, clean energy is not only collected from unused space, but also saves water resources by preventing water from evaporating, and the canal cools the plates.

This 10 MW solar power plant in Gujarat, India has more than 2 miles with 33,000 panel panels.

It is estimated to save approximately 40 hectares of land and prevent the evaporation of 90 million liters of water per year.

India solves several problems at the same time to bring sustainable energy to the next level!


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